In Memory

Dick McGinley (Class '69 Deceased)

May you rest in peace.....









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08/31/08 07:40 PM #1    

Scott McGinley

Dick, later in life known as Rich passed away in 2000 from a sudden heart attack while driving near his home in Salina, Kansas. He left a son, Matt and a daughter Lori. They both graduated from KU this past spring. His widow, Mary Lea continues to reside in Salina.

This information is provided by his brother, Scott (class of 1963)

09/14/08 09:04 PM #2    

Sheldon Hamilton

Dick and I lived together at Hays during our college years. He had the most incredible sense of humor of anyone I ever knew. Every day was like living in a TV sitcom.

He retained his sense of humor throughout his life. He was also a great parent and spouse and worked with many youth in the Salina area.

09/26/08 01:45 PM #3    

Mike McGinley

Yes, Richard was my brother and, as Sheldon Hamilton said, he was about the warmest and most naturally funny people I have ever met. I miss him and don't think I ever will really get over having lost such a good person. The more I think of him the more I realized I could have been a much better brother to him. I also realized that, being away from the States and my family for so long, I have naturally sacrificed the closeness I had with him and the rest of my family. I have lost a lot.

01/12/09 07:51 PM #4    

Gary Noller

Richard and I worked together for a while at Cox Produce Co. in their warehouse on Military and Avenue D. This was about 1968-1971 after my dad's grocery store closed and then again after I returned to Dodge City after serving in the Army.

I remember Richard as a fun guy to work with. We had hard work to do. Many times we had to unload railroad cars of 100 pound bags of potatoes. But we got it done and had plenty of fun doing it. I am sure we drove the boss nuts.

It is unfortunate that Richard is gone too soon. But we are fortunate to have known him as a friend.

My sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Gary L. Noller
Class of 1965

02/23/09 12:24 AM #5    

Rick Shipley

Can't get used to calling you Richard; you were Dick and I was Fred.

From the times of sneaking cigarettes from your mom and dad (OLD GOLDS,I think) or Pool and cigs at Goddard's Pool Hall, to playing touch football "on the ashes of their campfires" across the street at Boothill, or playing touch football in the endzone at high school football games when we were in Grade School, or the slot machine that with just the right rocking motion would pay out nickles, to cutting a hole through the jail that came from Fort Dodge to be placed on Boot Hill, or combining our pennies together so you'd be Penny King and we'd beat out the Seniors, to seeing Red Line 7000 OR

going back to a class reunion, walking in to hear, "HEY, Hey, Hey, Hey FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!!!!" Damn, I miss that Dick..... (FRED, i.e rick)

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